About us

Purpose and Aim

SMOV is an independent Islamic association functioning outside university institutions, aiming to cater the Muslim youth of Finland, more specifically focusing on university students.  The purpose of the association is to bring together and unite university students whom are part of the Muslim community. Hence allowing individuals to network among each other.

In order to implement the purpose, SMOV organizes events throughout the year including academic seminars, empowering and entertaining student nights and trainings. These events aim to create an Islamic friendly environment to allow university students to network among each other.  In addition to promoting networking, SMOV enables individuals to share information regarding common matters and works in collaboration with other organizations.

SMOV has a hardworking board which ensures that everything runs both accordingly and smoothly. Finland’s Muslim Student Network also consists of a team which are not part of the executive board. These team members play a key role in the planning, preparation and execution of the student network’s annual events. There are currently six team members, excluding individuals from the executive board.

In addition, SMOV works with associations such as NUMU (Nuoret Muslimit) for collaborative events. One of the main goals for SMOV is to not only unify Muslim university students around Finland, but to also give them a voice.