“Is there a halal punch available?”

SMOV has organized two big annual events since 2016, in addition to smaller student nights. 

SMOV organizes events throughout the year including academic seminars, empowering and entertaining student nights and trainings. These events aim to create an Islamic friendly environment to allow university students to network among each other. For more information about our events can be found on Facebook.


“The Road to University”

(Tie Korkeakouluun) is an annual event that is held in early February for individuals planning on applying for university. This event was held last year in Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences, with the support of our official members. We had official members of SMOV, studying in different areas of education (medicine, engineering, education, nursing, pharmacy, English, languages, social sciences, business etc.) hold a stand representing their fields. Furthermore, panel discussions and presentations by university students were held in an auditorium for the attending guests. Topics such as the importance of education, life as a Muslim university student and university application processes are discussed in these events.

Spring event

The other annual event which is held on the 1stof May is the May Day party “Vappu Juhla”. In Finnish universities, May day is a celebration where students usually go out and party among each other. This may not be Islamic friendly for Muslim university students, hence SMOV holds their own May day celebration. These events are usually a huge success with around 100 guests annually. We also provide pizza, snacks, and beverages for the students. Activities such as competitive group games, debates, ice breakers, Kahoot quizzes and panel discussions are held. Each year SMOV also invites different guests to talk about meaningful topics that are somehow relatable to the university students. This year we invited the founder of ProductiveMuslim Nation to talk about how to live a productive, meaningful and successful life.  The May Day event is also an opportunity for university students from different institutions to network and get to know each other.


Saturday Nights with SMOV

SMOV is also known to hold “Saturday Nights with SMOV” a couple times a year. These evenings are much less official and more relaxing. Snacks are provided by the SMOV team, and fun games are organized to play throughout the night. For each Saturday night, a certain theme is picked by the SMOV team and a conversation or debate is held regarding the chosen theme. For instance, the theme for the last Saturday Night was role models. SMOV has received an incredible amount of positive feedback regarding these Saturday night events, as university students find them both entertaining and beneficial.


"Life is for participating , not for spectating”

Kathrine Switzer​