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“Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world” – Nelson Mandela

About us

The name of the organization is Suomen Muslimiopiskelijoiden Verkosto (SMOV), which translates to Finland’s Muslim Student Network in English. The organization is based in Helsinki. SMOV was founded in early March 2016. ….


SMOV aims to create an Islamic friendly environment, in which Muslim university students can unite, network, engage in intellectual dialouge and learn from one another. SMOV has organized two big annual events since 2016, in addition to smaller student nights….


SMOV podcast

Inspiring personal stories of our rich community. (IN FINNISH)

In this section we discusses with Talib about learning and teaching.

Pia talks about her experiences with the challenges faced by Muslim organizations.

Premtim tells about his entrepreneur path.

"The universality of Islam is not uniformity, it is unity with diversity."